booksyRobert R. Maldonado, Ph.D, is a retired Air Force Officer, Reiki Master Teacher, Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and teacher of Chinese Integral Qigong and Tai Chi. He has traveled the world extensively and has a passion for discovering beauty and honoring the sacred in all places and cultures he visits. Dr. Maldonado is dedicated to helping people discover their innate abilities and their potential to heal themselves and find their true purpose in life. In addition to his healing practice, he teaches learning seminars in middle school, leads a metaphysical group in Arlington, Virginia, and is a doctoral student in Energy Medicine at Akamai University. He frequently travels with Energy Medicine Partnerships, Inc., (EMP) and has authored books based on his visit to New Zealand, My Maori Experience-New Zealand-2007, and Peru, A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Land of Mystical Peru.

This book richly describes the author’s personal experiences in transformation and healing, weaving together wonderful teachings from his life and journey as an energy healer. In the process, he eloquently uncovers certain truths or underlying principles on which healing rests, and he explains the various approaches he used as well as introduces several energy-based techniques. He explores the power of the healer within us-what healing is all about-and he shares some of the ancient wisdom he has learned from traditional healers during his international travels. Content also includes development of the healer, healing wounds, international spiritual tours, stories of healing, a discussion of his eclectic healing practice, personal reflections on the healing journey, and a vision of the future in healing. In The Calling of the Heart, Maldonado teaches us to honor ourselves and where we are in our lives; he teaches us to be open to other realties and to receiving guidance from others.